The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 194

So being that tomorrow is grocery day as well as weigh in day, I had a question for you all: What does your weekly meal plan look like? This assumes you plan at all! I have people relying on me to cook every night so I have to in order to keep us from take out or blowing our diets! Grocery day is Sunday, and I usually plan out my dinners and then I buy general things for breakfast and lunch, eggs, turkey bacon, lunch meat, cereal, soup etc. This week my menu looks like:

1. tuna mac and cheese (has veg in it)
2. meatloaf pizza pie with steamed broccoli
3. shepherds pie w green beans
4. orange chicken with rice and sugar snap peas
5. chinese pineapple chicken w rice and asparagus
6. beef stew

These are all home made and all WW recipes or recipes that I have made low point value. My issue is that I am completely lost on veggies here. I add veggies to almost everything, but some things need them on the side. Does anyone else get tired of steamed vegetables? I don't know. Its just my go to side dish these days. I also sometimes stock frozen veggies for quick light lunches, I'm easy when I'm just cooking for myself. I love vegetables as they are, I love them steamed and I love them roasted I'm just worried that they dont get the fan fare that they deserve at my unappreciative hand.

Tomorrow is weigh in and this past week has been terrible. I've made a few bad choices and of course it was also my time of the month, which keeps me from doing...well anything. Even my back up plan for that failed miserably! My eating wasn't too bad though, I stuck to my points veering into my weekly points a little, which is what they are for. I'm babysitting tonight but I am going to bed as soon as the little ones are taken home as I (again) do not want to miss my weigh in! Wish me luck!

2 servings pasta with sauce: 11
1 grilled chicken sandwich: 6
w honey mustard: 1
1 large cup of fruit: 3
last of (less than 1 serving) pasta: 3
1 cup pasta sauce (1 point for extra serving, can you tell tomorrow is grocery day?): 3
1 serving spinach: 0
1 serving broccoli: 0
1 serving cauliflower: 0
1 serving ww cheese: 2
1 serving light ranch: 2

That's all for the evening. I know I'm off, but I'm trying to follow my own rules! Also, I'm not off by much that often.


Niki said...

I try to figure out meals for the week and was really good at doing it for a month, but then stopped. It was great when I did it. It helped so much, and I think I spent less on food when I did it. I really need to start doing it again.
I'm a HUGE veggie lover and am always looking for ne vegetable recipes and new things to try. I love Brussel Sprouts (I'm addicted to them Have you ever tried Jicama? It's delicious! You can eat it plain or cut it up and put a little lime juice on it. It's great in salads too (even chicken and tuna salad for an extra crunch). No one in my house loves vegetables as much as I do so I'm usually making them for myself and they just have a =D

Rettakat said...

Do you have a freezer??
One thing that helps me is that when I cook a recipe, I try to double it. Then freeze the leftovers for later... cook once, eat twice. Saves time on busy days.

Veggies: I am working on getting more in myself. Green smoothies to the rescue, LOL!


cmoursler said...

Hey, I hate steamed veggies.

I take bell peppers and cut them in strips and broil them with a teaspoon of olive oil..or asparagus..I can eat 15 of those puppies seared in a pan.
I love sweet potatoes with a tablespoon of promise and a few walnuts.
Keep up the great can do this.

Tamzin said...

Me and hubby have a weekly schedule of dinners. Made every Sunday (mostly from the Eating Clean magazines) before we go get the weeks shopping done.

This week is:
M - flat iron steak & roasted califlower

T - Steamed fish with Pineapple & green onion wild rice

W - Baked potatoes with Tuna/veg (corn & peas)and shredded cheese filling (and a small salad typically)

Th - ground turkey Meatloaf with roasted brussel sprouts

F - baked chicken breasts with ...can't remember what veg we have planned.

I try to roast veggies with any of the dinners that I'm heating the oven up to cook with anyway - I like double duty!

There is a fabulous recipie for Buttnerut Squash mac & cheese that we make once of twice a month (and freeze) at Lyn's blog that is where I stole it from.

I love sheppards pie! I need to work that one back into the rotation!

Scarlet Simple said...

Niki: I have eaten jicama and liked it, but I have never prepared it myself. I really need to branch out a bit more to keep myself from being bored of veggies since I need them so!

Retta: You are so brave! Those green smoothies sound scary! I do sometimes make fruit smoothies which help with my intake, but I haven't in a while. How many servings of veggies are in a green smoothie?

Chris: I love pan seared/ sauteed bell peppers with a little bit of soy sauce. I also love yams and sweet potatoes but I have slacked on buying them as my family gets tired of them rather quickly! I could totally eat something like that as a lunch though, and not need to make extra servings! Thanks for believing in me. :)

Tamzin: Wednesday sounds really good! I checked out the recipe for mac and cheese and it does sound really good. My household just recently discovered butternut squash too! We love it!

Rettakat said...

I'm actually learning to like the Green smoothies... which is a good thing, since I made it part of my challenge, for me to drink one every day for the next 13 weeks!!

Mine are a lot like a fruit smoothie. I figure about 2 veggie servings, and 2 fruit servings, the way I make it. Obviously, it would depend on how you choose to make it.

Today mine had 2 big leaves of romaine lettuce, and a hunk of peeled zucchini, and a cup of frozen blueberries, a splash of unsweetened almond milk (you could use water instead). I still sweeten them and add flavorings. Today I added some vanilla extract and sugarfree daVinci syrup, and some stevia. Oh, and a tablespoon of chia seeds. It was pretty good, very filling, at about 130 calories. :-)


Rebekah C said...

Ha! I'd answer this but it isn't usually decided until I do my grocery list...on the day I go shopping.

So far I know for sure I'll be making that pizza pie (depending on the total cost of the ingredients). I will likely buy other things that can be made out of ground turkey/beef so that I can get a better deal on the meat (so that means I will probably make spaghetti with meat sauce or cottage pie..or heck, maybe a meatloaf o those cute lil meatloaf cupcakes you make). I dunno. Other than that, roast chicken is definitely on the list and who knows what else.