The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 199, 200

Thursday was great! I went to the gym, did 35 minutes on the elliptical and my weight circuit. My food was good if a little low on the points end. Then we went to karaoke and for once I was not driving. So I decided to have a few drinks, and low and behold this morning was not so great. I felt like a ton of bricks. The husband and I are taking it easy, we aren't over eating, but for today I did not track. This makes me nervous because I haven't not tracked since September.

I was feeling ill today, so I did not make it to the track as planned but I should get out there tomorrow night. I now have a standing date with the girls to hit the track most nights of the week.

So as hard as this is, no food log tonight. Back tomorrow with everything as planned.


100in12 said...

did you sing any!? i have a self-imposed ban on karaoke b/c i heard myself one time (it was one of those video things you get back) and i said...never again. :-P but i always want to. i'd probably sing some stupid huey lewis song.

did you sing did you sing!? sorry you feel rough today, but a little fun and/or release is always good too! you gotta balance it all out. at least that's what i tell myself for the 2 weekends i partied this month?

Rettakat said...

So now the question is: was it worth it? Did you have fun? Were the drinks worth it?

I think it's great that you get to go and have karaoke fun, and as long as it's worth the trade-off, then even the drinks are fine. But if you have just as much fun without them, then it's fine, too, to delay including them in your fun night out til later in your journey.

I really don't think there is a right or wrong.. it is totally your call to make.

Hope you feel better by now.

Patsy said...

Ewww... Hangovers! Only had one really bad one in my life... Never again! Hope you feel better soon. :o)

Scarlet Simple said...

I did sing! I actually go to sing because 1. its a great confidence booster for me and 2. its huge stress relief. At the bar we go to everyone knows each other and no one is afraid to sing stupid songs. A friend of mine sang a Jack Black song, and there are always show tunes!

Retta: You inspired some thought there and I decided that it needed to be a post because of what came out as I typed!

Patsy: Would you believe that before this I had never in my life ever been hung over? The truth! Which is probably why I handled it so badly! I wont be attempting anything like that again for a looonng time!