The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 201, 202

I actually wrote most of this post last night but couldn't get it to post because my internet went down.

This morning I did go to weigh in to face the music even though I knew I was going to gain weight. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I debated over and over in my head about missing it and making it up next week. Then I thought about this blog, and my anchor here. I knew I needed to go, I knew it would be good for me even if it was painful. It wasn't painful. I did gain. .4 lbs. I deserve it. I felt a lot better about my day and even my week after making it to the meeting though. My husband said he was proud of me and that it showed determination and commitment. The week started really well, I was exercising every day and eating the way I should have been right up until Thursday night... That brings me back to honestly. I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression of who I am. I'm also going to be honest about my mistakes even when I'm kind of embarrassed by them.

The post from last night:
Retta asked if my Thursday night activities were worth it. This question doesn't upset me or anything, but it does make me think. I don't really drink, and I never have. My vice has always been food. I can count less than 5 times in my life that I have ever even been tipsy. I've never been very adventurous that way, I like being in control. However, every now and then I do feel the urge to cut loose. I had a great time. I'm normally the designated driver ushering all of those happy drunken friends of mine out of the bar after last call. Yeah, I over imbibed, and while I don't regret it (or the experience as, it was a new one for me) I probably wont be doing it again soon. I usually have just as much fun at karaoke with my diet pepsi, and no hangover the next day. It also threw my week off (and I was having a great one) as I needed to be babied food wise because of my stomach. I don't know if this is rough to read for any of you, and if it is I'm sorry. I'm not embarrassed about being drunk (there, I said it), I am embarrassed that I messed my perfect week up. On the whole in my life are nights like these worth it? Yes, absolutely. In the course of this journey that means so much to me is it worth it to lose 3 days to it? Not really. Does this make sense or just sound unfocused. I think in a nut shell what I mean to say is that I don't regret it, I had a great time, but I wont be doing it again for a long time.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and my weigh in, and while the beginning of my week was stellar, it had a rocky ending. We live and we learn. I'm still in it to win it here.

1 orange: 1
Sushi (not a buffet, guessing (overestimating)the points values using WW): 16
4 oz chicken breast (lightly breaded in panko): 7
4 servings steamed broccoli: 0
2 servings mashed potatoes: 6
1 coffee: 6

1 orange: 1
1 serving cheerios: 2
1/2 cup milk: 1
1 baked potato w/ cheese: 7
1 small chili: 4
1 serving sun chips: 4
1 serving strawberries: 0
1 yogurt: 2
2 servings green peas: 2
1 serving chinese pineapple chicken: 6
1 serving brown rice: 4
2nd serving pineapple chicken w/out rice: 7

So it all comes back down to choices now right? My choice is going to be to move on, and have a really strong week this week, and make an amazing showing on Sunday. Those sound a lot like goals huh? Weight Watchers just passed out the materials for their Walk-It Challenge which includes a plan/ training guide to get you walking a 5k (Only 3.1 miles.). I'm going to start that this week. Don't worry its gentle. It starts with 10-15 minutes a day. I'm looking forward to keeping up with my Spring Challenge (Check in tomorrow) and walking more!


Rettakat said...

That's great that you chose to go to the meeting, in spite of knowing you'd have a gain. It's too easy to hide, but you didn't, you had the strength of your determination.

You are so right, we do live and learn. And this is a learning process. I'm thinking you will have a stellar check-in for the update next week for the Spring Challenge!

Anonymous said...

No need to be embarrassed, nor to call it a mistake. Everyone deserves a day to let loose--you don't do it daily, thus its not something that is going to throw you off your game permanently!

Keep up the good work! You will get that .4 pounds off with one work out!

Stacey K said...

Good for you. You made a mistake, owned it and moved on. It's so much easier to just duck away and not face them. I practically have a black belt in hiding.

Your husband's right. You do show real determination and commitment.

Nona said...

That's life isn't it? The problem isn't when we fall I think, it's when use the fall as an excuse to stay down.

Keep moving forward!!!