The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 177, 178

I'm back! Sorta. I have orders first from my doctor and then my friends and family to do nothing for a week. My doctor told me that if I worked I needed not to go in, and when I told her I didn't work, that I stayed at home, she asked who she could talk to to make sure I didn't do anything. I'm not really sure what that means honestly? No cooking, no cleaning? No moving. Yeesh, that's a pretty tall order. I am supposed to be moving on Sunday! However, the house I am moving out of is mine, and we don't really have any like solid need to be out time frame. So I think we are going to be taking our time, and I am just going to try and chill out. I have always gotten hives from stress, and stress has always had a very physical effect on me, but this is new. It started as a light headache on Sunday morning, buzzed right on up to incapacitating and finally subsided sometime in the a.m. this morning. The migraine (which would only be the 2nd in my entire life) kept me from eating, sleeping, and standing, as every movement hurt. I couldn't keep any food down at all. My doctor gave me a muscle relaxer/ pain aid and a sleeping pill. She told me to take something for nausea too. She suggested gently that during my upcoming physical I speak to my regular doctor about my anxiety. Honestly the reason that I never have is because I don't feel like anyone takes me seriously. I tried talking about it all through high-school and every one acted like I was just trying to be special. High-school ended for me on the day that I couldn't remember my own name (Way to big of a subject to add to a post tonight, there is just too much to tell.). Before anyone asked me if I was okay, they asked if I was on drugs. Seriously? I don't even smoke! So maybe I also have some angst about the subject. Sorry, tangent.

Anyway, so I am planning on talking to my doctor during my physical because honestly if my stress or anxiety is going to cause migraines like this one I need help. I have spent all day afraid of this pain coming back.

My eating was awful which you know, thanks to my husband, and yesterday it wasn't much better. I kept everything I ate down, but it wasn't very much. I was still feeling very nauseous. Today was much better, I made my points and managed to get in breakfast, lunch and dinner. We indulged a little tonight, and I had a sandwich and fries from a local sub shop.

With everything included my points were only 42/41 which puts me 1 point into my weekly points. Not too shabby after everything.

So, I do not think there will be any gym until Wednesday, which makes 1 week. Hopefully I will keep feeling better!

To everyone who commented: Yes, I have an amazing husband who took off 2 1/2 days to sit at our bedside and hold my hand and give me my medicine, and walk me to the bathroom in complete darkness. I would not trade him for all of the tea in China!

You guys are all so very wonderful and supportive. I know we are all doing this for ourselves in a way (we all have a plethora of reasons for why we do this, sometimes it is for our families, mine too) but I think that if I didn't have this to come back to every night I would not be this successful. You guys are my anchor here and without you I'm not sure I would come back at all. Thank you.

I will finally get to those awards tomorrow! I will have the time since I am apparently not allowed to do anything else! I'm going to be here trying to find things to do that don't involve stress! Yeah. I know...


anne h said...

Easy Does It and Get Well Soon!

Anonymous said...

The gym will always be there! Get better then get that order!

Sarah @ Keep On Keepin' On said...

So glad you are feeling better. That must have been a scary thing. I've always been amazed how people discount anxiety/stress, when so many suffer from it. Hope you are completely back to normal in no time.

Rebecca said...

Welcome back! So glad you are feeling better. Keep resting and following Dr.'s orders.

Rettakat said...

Yes, me too, I'm glad you are on the mend. But like others have said, don't rush it. Pamper yourself for a few days! :-)

I definitely know what it's like to not be taken serious about medical issues. I was written off for years... they just chalked up anything as due to being too fat!

Would it help if your hubby went with you to the doctors appointment?? I know it shouldn't, but sometimes it DOES make a difference when we have someone else there, to sort of "witness" it and give voice of support.

I've noticed especially male doctors respond in a subtle way when my husband is there. I'm not sure they even realize it, but *I* notice the difference in the way I'm treated.


CinciMom11 said...

Poor Ruby! I am so sorry you are dealing with this. Icing on the cake, right? You and the hubby are fortunate to have each other. Hang in there, and DON'T DO ANYTHING. We want you better, quick! :)