The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 24

Okay, so I didn't quite finish at the gym yesterday, and I didn't make it to the gym today. I'm not sorry about that though. I needed to let my body rest, and get out of the house for a bit (I'm a housewife). I have had a pretty good week so far gym wise, and tomorrow is a regular circuit day. I figure I will push myself tomorrow and make up some cardio on Saturday. I have a plan for the gym tomorrow, I will report back with success!

I've been feeling really good lately (despite yesterday). I feel like I have been smiling more if that makes any sense. I feel like I finally have a future! I know that sounds so dramatic, but thats it! I dont feel as dark and overwhelmed I think, and its shining through (I'm digging her out!). My husband noticed my mood tonight, and it made him feel good, which in turn made me feel even better.

For once I'm not dreading (completely) that Sunday weigh in! I am just hoping that my time of the month doesnt stunt my showings, but if it does it will show the week after! I will be positive, because I am my greatest critic, and I need to keep my head above water!

I'm still only averaging about 5-6 servings of veggies a day, and WW says I need to be eating 9 a day. I think I'm going to add a salad (of some kind) in to my day every day, and try and sneak more veggies into the meals I make. I love vegetables, even raw!

1 low cal whole wheat bagel: 2pts
2 servings mixed italian cheese: 3pts
1 serving SW dip: 1
1 large portion broccoli salad: 2pts
2 servings taco soup w cheese: 10pts
1 cocktail @ Dave and Busters: 10 pts(over estimated)
1 serving stir fry w/ chicken and veggies made by Ashley: 4pts
2nd serving: 7pts
1 pb&j w/ nutella on an arnolds sandwich thin: 5pts
Total for the Day: 44/44!

I went to Dave and Busters tonight and waited until I got home to eat. My experience with trying to figure out my points from eating at Bennigans a week ago was enough to hold me back. I decided that staying on plan was much more important. Another diet demon trampled by the diet parade!


100in12 said...

OMG NUTELLA. Most. Delicious. Thing. Ever. EVARRR. That sounds really good on the arnold's thing? wooo-weee!

hahahaha, the diet parade. the giant floats (like macy's day parade characters) would be of people "before" and the people holding/walking them would be the after! and Bob and Jillian would be the King and Queen of the parade. and instead of throwing candy to the kids, they throw fruit and veggies and whole grains. Not as fun and maybe a bit dangerous depending on the velocity of the produce, but still goes along with the Diet Parade mission.

Okay now i really want to attend a diet parade. someone needs to make it happen!

Rettakat said...

" I feel like I finally have a future!" I loved reading that you are feeling good about yourself and your future! And that even your husband noticed...nice!!

Scarlet Simple said...

100in12 - I know! Nutella is amazing! I had never had it before this.

Yeah and like I said on your blog, we could hold out fat jeans on poles like flags...

I bet zucchini to the skull would not be nice...

Retta - I have an amazing husband!

We both have a future, if we make the right choices.

Thank you.

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