The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 33

So today was much, much better than yesterday mood wise. I did not go to the gym today because it closed at 7 and I wasn't finished running around today until around 10pm. Yeah, needless to say I got some exercise today. Plus Chad and I are planning to take a nice walk before bed because dinner was larger than usual.

I actually didn't eat until 8pm. Yeah I know! I was hungry somewhere in the middle of the day, I ended up distracted and forgot about it! I know that's bad, but grocery days are hard.

I should make this short tonight because I have my weigh in in 7 hours.

1 Wendy's Baked potato w/cheese: 7pts
1 small chili: 3pts
1 med lite latte: 6pts
stir fry: 6pts
panko breaded dijon chicken breast: 9pts
1 twix bar: 7pts
Total for the Day: 39/44
Leftover: 5pts

I was at 32 until the twix bar. The thing is, its late, and I am full. I want to get my points in, but I feel like eating 12 more points worth of the right food was going to be counter productive. I'm not hungry, in fact I am quite full. I also didnt want to starve myself...

I think I had a great week. I was at the gym 5 out of 7 days challenging myself every day, and I stayed on top of my points. I'm worried about the scale, but I will face it, like every single Sunday before it. Wish me luck!


MissyM said...

HOney, best of luck. I am sure the scale will go down today. You have done so well this past week.

Patsy said...

I don't really know much about WeightWatchers and the points system, but is it possible to 'save' any unused points and put them towards a night out, for example? That way, you could indulge occasionally but still be in control? Just a suggestion as I'm not sure how it works!

Bye for now

Patsy :o)

Molly Higgs said...

I know yesterday was hard. ::hug:: And to reassure you on your previous question I'm still definitely doing weight watchers!

Rayne said...

I was supposed to get my ass out of bed and go to the meeting with you, but as I, didnt fall asleep until friggen 6 am... :/ *sighs* Im sorry Ruby...

Scarlet Simple said...

Thanks guys! The scale did go down this week, just not as much as I wanted!

Patsy - You cant save up points. ;) However WW gives us 35 extra points per week that we can use for splurges etc. its a good suggestion!