The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 23

This post is going to talk just a little bit about my menstrual. If that troubles you I am very sorry, it isn't meant to. It played a very large part in my day today.

I made it back to the gym today, and I am proud of myself for even going because when I woke up this morning I had my period. I know most people would just throw on some protection and get on with their day, but really I can not do that. So I went to the gym today and I did 15 minutes on the treadmill, that's .57miles at 2.3mph. I had planned on doing 30/30 today but thought better of it because I was feeling kind of drained. Then I started my strength circuit. I do 8 machines, and when I finished on the 7th machine I realized that I had bled through. Everything.

I'm not going to go into how bad it was because that isn't important. What is important is that it is keeping me from being able to leave the house much less exercise! I was so mad at myself for having to leave the gym before I was done. I completed over half of my work out but I feel like it wasn't enough. I guess this is when I should just stop fretting and doubting myself. I move more now than I have in a long time, and I'm eating well. I know I haven't lost that much weight but I feel like my clothes fit better and my face looks more slim. I have just a bit more energy. I just don't want to be locked away from the gym for almost a week. Maybe I will find something I can do at home.

I'm never going to stop trying.

1 cup oatmeal: 2pts
1 cup frozen strawberries: 1pts
1 pb&j on pita thin: 6pts
1 serving curry w/ 1/2cup rice over 2 cups peppers: 7pts
1 bag low fat popcorn (7.5 cups): 5pts
2 servings rice quakes: 5pts
3 chicken tacos (serving size: 2): 10pts
Broccoli Salad: 2pts
1 ww yogurt: 1pts
1 pb&j on pita thin: 6pts
Total for the Day 44/44! 1/35 extra (forgot about the yogurt)
Leftover: 34/35 extra

I'm confused about popcorn. WW says that 5 cups of 94% fat free pop corn is 1 point. However, the bag I have pops about 7.5 cups. Why does my points calculator tell me that the bag is worth 5 points?


Rettakat said...

Plan B, for the days you can't get to the gym. Ideas: if you have cable tv, they have exercise programs.

I always exercise at home; I use DVD's, and have a set of resistance bands, and a mini-trampoline.

These don't cost a lot, and believe me, they can get your heart rate going! So now you have a whole month to get Plan B in place for next time.

Sounds to me like you are doing fine...this was not an excuse or just forgot to plan ahead. Now you know, and next time you will rock!

carla said...

when I worekd as a personal trainer one of my biggest memories with my clients on WW is who confused they were by the points and popcorn!

(Im no help as we never figured it out :))

Patsy said...

You poor love... I have EXACTLY the same problem - can't leave the house for at least 2 days of my period (endometriosis and PCOS).

I wish you all the very best in your weightloss journey. I've just started my own blog and have over 100lbs to go, although I lost 245lbs several years ago (only to gain a hefty whack back again!) Please take a look if you get the chance.

I'm going to follow both your blogs as I'm trying to get into cooking and making my meals a little more varied!

Bye for now

Patsy :o)

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

Ok gurrrlll, I'm gonna say it "I've visited that crime scene a time or two as a fellow PCOSister. Aunt Flo can is more like Freddie Kruger with those of us that have PCOS.

The fact that you are menstruating though is probably a good sign that whatever you are doing is working despite not seeing the dramatic results we secretly (and not so secretly) yearn for.

Congrats to you for going to the gym. I'm going to try to get my big behind on the treadmill for a few minutes today...wish me luck!

Scarlet Simple said...

All of you are so amazing, thank you for the support!

Retta - Do you like the Leslie Sansone DVDs? I think they are called Walk At Home. They were on cable on demand a few months ago and I thought they were perfect for me for cardio on my "cant go outside" days. I don't have a resistance band, but I do have a set of 2lb hand weights.

I think that might be my plan B!

Carla - I might have to ask my Meeting Leader On Sunday!

Patsy - I also love cats! /tangent.

My period sometimes stays that bad for up to 4 days. When it was out of whack it could last longer. I wish you luck too, and I will be following your blog. I'm glad people like my recipe blog, and so surprised at the amount of support I have found here. Thank you.

mbfssob - I KNOW! All of my friends call it "aunt flo" and it totally is like having an uncle kruger!

I finally broke down and decided to accept hormonal birth control from my gyno to curb my pcos symptoms while I was trying to lose weight. Before the hbc I would get my period once every 3 months. However a few years ago I lost 50lbs on low carb and my period was completely normal with no meds or herbs for over a year even after stopping the diet. Despite bleeding like being stuck, I am really responsive, which I am thankful for. I have other good signs though!

Good luck at the gym! You can do it too! We both can! Everyone can!