The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 27

I'm not going to be dramatic! As of today I weighed 399.2lbs! I lost 9.2lbs this week! That makes 18.6lbs since 9/13! I am almost to my 5% goal. I am incredibly proud of myself. I haven't been starving myself, I have been following the rules, and I have been exercising. I have been pushing myself at the gym. I am capable of so much more than I was allowing myself to believe before!

So um, BOOYAH diet demons!

Today I got up and made it to Weight Watchers early. It is so hard for me to get up that early. We don't even get into bed until 4am, and then I'm up by 8am! Sundays are disruptive to my habits, but I don't mind so much. It gets harder when I add grocery shopping to Sundays also. So I am out and about until like 5pm some Sundays. And I call it my "off" day. Riiighhht.

My points started out pretty okay, and then I went to my mothers house for dinner. I didn't like over do it or anything, I had plenty of extra points left. I still have extra points left. I will not beat myself up! I am winning!

1 nutella and jam sandwich: 5pts
1 cup milk: 2pts
6 inch turkey sub w/mayo, and cheese: 7pts
1 WW frozen entree: 5pts
3 fajitas w/let, tom, cheese, salsa, onions and peppers. 1 beef, 2 chicken (I am pretty sure this isnt an estimation. I'm pretty sure this is right on, but for the meat. My mother doesnt have a food scale, so I over estimated the meat as much as I could without being rediculous): 37pts
Total for the Day: 44/44 and 12/34 extra weekly points
Leftover: 22 extra



Betsey C. said...

What a fantastic loss! Woo hoooo! Doesn't if feel great? I've lost 36 lbs. with Weight Watchers, I started on May 2. I have about 70 more to go. It's a great program, and I am so glad that you are having success. We can do this, and a healthy life awaits!

MissyM said...

My goodness what a loss!! Keep up the good workk!! Congratulations.

G said...

nice moves!

Remember like 3 weeks ago when you kept asking "am I doing this right, I don't wanna screw it up?".

You did it right.

Molly Higgs said...

I love you and I'm proud of you!

Rettakat said...

holy moley, girl!! I can see your grin all the way to Oregon! I know that feels soooo great. I'm tickled for you.

Scarlet Simple said...

Betsey - Thanks so much! Congrats also on your total weight loss! We can do this, and it really does feel great!

Missy - Thanks so much!!

G - Ha! I love this comment! Its so right on with my character! Thanks so much for believing in me!

Molly - I am so proud of your loss too!

Retta - My smile is big enough to stretch to Oregon! I couldn't stop looking at the weight print out for the entire meeting! I was shocked! Thanks!