The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 40

So today was a day of kids birthday parties and my 2nd anniversary. Don't panic! I am not over my points. I don't know if I got all of my veggies in today or not, but still, I think I did pretty well.

I'm feeling so much better today. My husband has a week off, and we have so much good planned and I'm feeling a lot less cagey. I have a weigh in tomorrow morning and I am incredibly nervous about it. I didn't do so well last week, but I think that this week I have made much better choices. In fact I even followed my rule for Sunday's to not eat after 11pm. I have much hope that I will lose some weight this week. I'm nervous about the upcoming week because we have so many planned outings. I have to get through it some how! I cant make excuses for events forever, there is always something happening. That's life, and I need to live it.

I'm making this blog short because I want to get up and feel human tomorrow for my weigh in. I don't want to be fretting and tired at the same time.

1 serving kashi sunshine: 1pts
1/2 cup skim milk: 1pts
1 cup water melon: 1pts
1 burger no cheese: 3pts
1 burger roll: 3pts
1 very very small slice cake: (estimated (over) according to WW point book) 12pts
1st Dinner out: Sushi (not buffet): 17pts
3 pieces vegetable gyoza: 3pts
1 bubble tea: 5pts
Total for the Day: 44/44 & 2/35 extra
Leftover: 33/35

1st celebration day down...a few more to go.


Patsy said...

Hope you had a lovely day and really enjoy the next week with your hubby! :o)

Try not to fret too much about the weigh-in tomorrow. I'm weighing in too, but the less I stress about the numbers, the more they seem to go down... Work that one out?!? lol

Bye for now

Patsy x

Rettakat said...

I really like how you call it "celebration" day! I never liked it when people call it cheat if they were doing something wrong. Yours is a lovely way to think about are doing a healthy thing for yourself, and it's a celebration. Love it!