The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 46

I went to the pumpkin farm today, and picked out some nice pumpkins. Then I picked a bunch of apples for eating and baking. I did get some nice exercise there today, but I went to the gym anyway. I did my two miles and my full circuit. I should be doing the same, or just cardio tomorrow. I'm not sure if I want to pile all of the strength training together like this. I want to burn fat and build strength and endurance, not just build muscle. I have that fear. I fear that I will build muscle. Not only do I want to lose weight, but I'd like to look feminine as well. No bulk please. I know it is probably a ridiculous fear, but I think about it a lot actually.

Today was really good until after the gym. I don't know why but the gym sucked the life out of me today. It was probably because I was so bad about it this week! I'm still okay I think though, I need to follow my rules and eat light tomorrow and not eat late and I should be fine. No gain on Sunday! That is all I want! Chad and I had lunch with friends today, but we were really good. We shared a meal. I had 4 baked BBQ wings (he had 5, but was removing the skin), and we shared an order of sweet potato fries. I had a good time and didn't feel guilty about it. I wonder how restaurants feel about sharing plates. I know some don't like it.

Anyway, I have a bunch of commenting to do now. I'm really sorry that sometimes I go through stints where I don't comment much. I read each and every post. I just get busy, and don't get time to post until just before bed, when I am so so tired. I just want you to know that I appreciate you all.

2 slices low calorie bread: 2
1/2 serving nutella: 2
4 baked BBQ wings: 10
1/4 cup bbq sauce: 1
1 1/2 servings sweet potato fries: 5
1 arnolds sand thin: 1
1/2 serving dip: 1
1 veggie burger: 2
1 oz colby: 2
1 banana: 2
1 serving bbq soy crisps: 2
1 serving pasta bake: 5
1 serving steamed corn: 2
1 burger: 3
1 serving cheese: 2
1 serving steamed veggies: 0
1 serving teriyaki sauce: 1
Total for the Day: 43/44
Leftover: 1

Sunday is coming!


Patsy said...

Please don't worry about building bulk while strength training - that also used to be my fear, too... Unless you train like a woman possessed for more than a few hours a day AND you take steroids, you won't look bulky with muscle. Very few body builders look like that naturally, and those who do REALLY have to dedicate their entire lives to working on their bodies!

What will happen is you'll build some sleek, toned muscle that will burn fat while you're resting (hurrah!) and will speed up the way your body changes shape for the better!

I LOVE weight training - that's what's made the quickest changes to my body this time!

I'd really recommend a book for you called 'The Body Sculpting Bible For Women' - it really is excellent and it will help allay your fears about bulking up. :o)

MissyM said...

We are just starting to go to restaurants again. We went Wednesday night and it was so much fun and we ate moderately.
Keep up the good work friend!