The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 32

Some days you feel it, some days you don't. Oh yeah. That was today.

My brother is a cook at a newly built Chili's restaurant, and we were invited to a free lunch training. I did so well! I only had 15 points including appetizer, entree and dessert! That was the beginning of my day. Throughout my day I was feeling rushed (by many things, I was the only car available!) and that always makes me irritable. I have also been trying not to repress my feelings about my grandfathers passing, but if I am being honest with myself I can admit I haven't been dealing with it as healthfully as possible. I've just made myself incredibly busy, and distracted. So I'm feeling kind of raw, and easily bruised. I have a friend (more like a sister) who was feeling the same way who was over today and we clashed...silently. We parted ways each feeling like the other was mad. So, I was a touch emotional. I cried at the gym, on the arm curl machine. Yeah, how emo. I was just sitting there and suddenly I realized how incredibly tired I was. Not just physically (I've been to the gym every day this week), but emotionally too. I felt myself asking: "Is this as hard as it's going to get?"

I pushed through. I turned the music up, and finished my circuit. I just feel so off.

To better things: I did 25/25 today, but there is a catch...I did the first 25 at my 2.4, and the second 25 at 2.5! It did feel good to accomplish that today. I felt like I did something really great.

Sunday is my weigh in! I dont feel like I've lost weight this week, but I always fret about that. I am trying so hard not to! Wish me luck!

1/3 served ancho chile ranch sauce: 2pts
1/3 chicken fajita pita: 3pts
steamed veggies (got me! I tasted butter, but not much and it was about a cup of veggies): 2pts
1/4th tortilla chips and hot sauce appetizer: (I had 10 chips, over estimate) 6pts
1 small bit each of 3 trio shot desserts: 2pts
1 orange: 1pts
2/3 chicken fajita pita: 7pts
red potato and cauliflour mash: 5pts
1 wedge laughing cow cheese: 2pts
Lachoy Chicken Teriyaki over rice w/ steamed broccoli: 9pts
1 angel food cake: 1pts
1 serving ice cream: 2pts
2 large hand fulls of low fat popcorn: 1pts
Total for the Day: 44/44!

Made it! I didnt feel it today, but I did it anyway. I feel good about that now.


Rettakat said...

You didn't feel it today, but you did it anyway. Yes! You absolutely should feel good about that! We need a poster with that saying on it, nailed right up on our walls... Great job!

Grieving takes your own time, in your own way. You are handling life very well.

100in12 said...

You did amazing. Life sucks sometimes and to be able to keep treating yourself positively in the face of all of it is nothing short of you being a total rockstar.

Keep on keepin on - you've got support!

Rayne said...

my points Went "boom" thanks to Chilis and my stupid choice of omnoms. but I only ate half.. Im proud of myself for that...

Molly Higgs said...

I'm proud of you. I think we're all still a little raw. Congrats for continuing to press forward.