The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 31

I received an award today from a fellow blogger MissyM! I am flattered! I will get to that in just a sec, I want to get my regular post out of the way. (This is going to be a long one)

Today was a good day. I made it to the gym, and did 2.20 miles at 2.4 mph. That's 55 minutes! I am almost to 60! That's my goal for Saturday! I want to do 2.4 miles, and 60 minutes at 2.4 so that I can start 2.5 mph.

A HUGE non scale victory: My husband bought me a beautiful watch for Christmas and I could not wear it. It pinched my skin to put it on. I was sad, but he bought me links to extend the band length. Tonight Ashley was here, and she used to work in jewelry. She was going to fix it for me so I tried it on to see if I needed two extra links, or just one. It fit me perfectly! I was so happy!

And now:

You answer these questions with one word (!!) answers. Then pass the award to 6 Over The Top blogging pals. Here goes.

1. Where is your cell phone? husband
2. Your hair? blonde
3. Your mother? chaotic
4. Your father? useless
5. Your favorite food? ethnic
6. Your dream last night? forgotten
7. Your favorite drink? soda
8. Your dream/goal? contentment
9. What room are you in? kitchen
10. Your hobby? singing
11. Your fear? loss
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? mother
13. Where were you last night? gym
14. Something that you aren’t? mean
15. Muffins? chocolate
16. Wish list item? lottery?
17. Where did you grow up? Baltimore
18. Last thing you did? Gamed
19. What are you wearing? sweats
20. Your TV? off
21. Your pets? many
22. Friends? many
23. Your life? full
24. Your mood? stressed
25. Missing someone? yes
26. Vehicle? ford
27.Something you’re not wearing? socks
28. Your favorite store? Moviestop
29. Your favorite color? blue
30. When was the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? yesterday
32. Your best friend? Chad
33. One place that I go to over and over? GYM!
34. One person who emails me regularly? Jenny
35. Favorite place to eat? home

I will pass this to-
If I don't name you here and you want this award please, feel free to take it. I am not going to name the people on my list that have already received it since I think everyone deserves one!

G@ 50 Pounds till Christmas
Chubby Chick@ Journeying to Lose 200 Pounds... The Triumph of Perseverance
Shelly@ Me, Myself and I
My Big Fat Super Obese Blog
CinciMom11: Losing the Baby Weight

I cant believe I can only pick 6! You all deserve an award for being here and trying!

Back to your regularly scheduled programming:

Alex's beef stew 1/2 cup (guess): 4pts
1 can soup: 3pts
1 sandwich: 6pts
9 rice cakes (ched): 2pts
1 chocolate pudding: 2pts
1 english muff sandwich: 6pts
1 orange: 1pts
10 ranch rice quakes: 2pts
1 serving SW Baked Ziti: 9pts
1 slice cake: 6pts
Low cal sundae: 3pts
Total for the day: 43/44
Leftover: 1/44

I can deal with that, but I snacked too much today, or at least I felt like it. One month down!


G said...

Congrats on the watch. I had something similar to me happen:

My wedding ring kept getting looser and looser. Then a buddy of mine tackled me off a river raft and the ring was lost forever in the bottom of a river in southern ohio :(

Also, thanks for the award thingie.

MissyM said...

Yeeaahh! I'm glad your watch fits! Keep up the good work.

Molly Higgs said...

I'm so happy for you. He was so worried about that watch when he picked it out...