The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 34

I am doing this early while I still have the courage to. I will update it later to include my food for the day.

I only lost .4lbs this week. Now, I know a loss is a loss, and that it isn't a gain, but it is still pretty disappointing. I did 260 minutes of cardio this week, and 3 days of weight machines. I think my exercise was excellent. My food choices this week were not so great. I think its time to evaluate and adjust.

This past week I haven't gotten in enough veggies, and my water intake has suffered. Not to mention that I have been making up too many points with bad snacks (hence the twix bar last night). I also ate sushi twice this week. Sushi by itself isn't that bad, but I ate too much, and its really hard to be exact about points eaten out. I've fallen back into eating a large portion of my points in the 4 hours before bed and I've also stopped taking my multi vitamin regularly.

The thing is, even with all of this I do not believe that I have gone over my weekly points, I do believe I should have lost more weight this week. I have a strong feeling that the fact that I ate everything that I ate all day last night in the 4 hours before bed added to my weigh in. Hey, fair is fair. .4lbs is my loss for the week. Its on the books. If I am right and I can kick some of my bad habits, I should make a nice showing next week.

New rules for myself based off of my observations for this week:
1. Nine servings of fruits and veggies. Every day.
2. No more eating out unless I know the points before I go. The exact points.
3. More water.
4. No food after 2am.
5. Better snacks! Sometimes the comfort stuff is okay, but I need to stop letting it be a way for me to make my points at the end of the day.
6. Trust myself. Last night I was sitting at 32 points, and I was full. I knew I was full. I know you shouldn't go under your points, but I feel like its counter productive to eat past your full feeling. This diet is about more than points. Its about portion sizes and knowing your hunger signals and not getting them mixed up with emotions or boredom. I knew I should have been done last night, but I let people convince me to eat the twix anyway. It wasn't them, it was me.
7. On Saturday before weigh ins, I need to eat light meals, stopping by 11pm. Not because I want to make myself suffer or affect the scale subversively, but because my schedule is so different than most peoples.

I also want to take my cardio from 25/25 to 35/35 but I need time to figure out if that is my being determined or trying to punish myself. I want to be good to myself, I need to be. Its just hard knowing that I can do much better, that I should have for that matter. I have to find a way to separate my weight from my feelings of self worth. Maybe that will take time too.

I want to be tenacious. I am determined. I will be successful. I just need to remember the title of this blog. This is a journey, and as such there will be up hill battles and down hill battles. Fasten your seat belts people, this is bound to be a bumpy ride.

Edit for food:

1 cup cooked oatmeal: 2pts
1 cup blue berries: 1pts
1 cup 1% milk: 2pts
1 orange: 1pts
1 serving fresh spinach: 0pts
1 serving salad topper: 1pts
1/2 serving shredded cheddar: 1pts
1 serving salad dressing: 1pts
1 cup red grapes: 1pts
1 banana: 2pts
19 Natures Promise BBQ Soy Crisps: 2pts
1 whole wheat bagel: 2pts
1 serving roasted red pepper sauce w/veggies: 3pts
1 serving light mozzarella: 2pts
1 Serving Chicken Tikka Masala "light" incl. rice: 8pts
1/2 serving whole wheat naan: 3pts
1 chobani blueberry greek yogurt: 3pts
1 arnold wheat thin: 1pts
1 serving spinach dip/spread: 1pts
1 serving turkey breast: 2pts
1 serving american cheese: 1pts
1 serving pickles: 0pts
1 16oz coffee with splenda and pumpkin spice creamer: 3pts
Total for the Day: 44/44


Rettakat said...

Yep, it's a learning process. Sounds like you did some honest evaluation, and have a solid plan in place to make course corrections.

If you are interested, there is a ton of free advice at Dr Phil's site:
Especially the one about Internal Dialogue; and other places I remember reading articles about separating our sense of self worth from our size.

I would bet that next week will be have you grinning from ear to ear with the loss!

100in12 said...

just trust the process, yourself, and you'll do great. you're clearly honest and motivated and still care about yourself and your well being so you ARE doing great already!

G said...

Tough weeks make everyone a sad Panda :(. I still to this day don't understand why you're supposed to eat when you're not hungry with the weight watchers thing.

Here's to the next week!

Shhh said...

It sounds to me (and I've lost 60lbs, so am not just talking out my butt) that you have a handle on why the scale is not going the way you want it to.

Keep thinking smart like this, and changing up the things you are capable of (one thing at a time if need be) and you will be where you want to be.

Molly Higgs said...

Don't let yourself get down! I'm proud you for sitting back and looking at why you didn't do as well as you wanted. I also know that you lost significant images so be proud!

Scarlet Simple said...

Thank you all so much for the support!

Retta - I hope I am grinning from ear to ear next week, I am grinning for you right now though! Congrats on that loss this week!

100in12 - I am trying to trust the process! I think that's the hardest part! I think that my complete honesty here is keeping me honest if you know what I mean. :)

G - I was a totally sad and wallowing panda. I'm back now. :) I dont understand why they do either. I've learned my lesson though, I need to pace my food better and eat more often. So far so good.

Shhh - Thanks so much, I want to be able to keep changing and adapting with whatever this diet throws at me! Also, I don't think you are talking out of your butt, and I am now following you!

Molly - Thanks, its hard for me to think of positives when I'm wallowing! I'm proud of your loss this week too!