The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 48

I lost 2.8 lbs this week! Bringing my grand total to 27.4. Yes! I currently weigh 390.4. My next weight goal is 376.8. At that point I will have lost 10% of my original body weight. I dont have like a timed goal or anything though. Maybe I should set one. I think there are 9 weigh ins between now and the first of January. I would like to lose 20-25lbs by then. I dont know if that weight goal is too much though. I am averaging 3.9lbs a week right now, but I know it slows. In the past I have averaged 3lbs a week pretty regularly.

I feel pretty good today. I didn't make it to the faire today because the traffic was so incredibly bad, but we did get the grocery shopping done. I'm making this post short because I have to get up so early tomorrow, but tomorrow night I have 3 new recipes to post on my recipe blog!

1 veggie burger: 2
1 english muffin: 1
1/2 serving corn: 1
1/2 serving rice cakes: 1
1 serving 0pt soup: 0
1/2 burger no bun: 2
1 baked potato w/ cheese: 7
1 small chili: 4
1 granola bar: 1
1 serving BBQ soy crisps: 2
1 yogurt parfait: 2
12 bbq meat balls: 7
1 serving oven "fried" apples: 1
1 serving steamed veggies: 0
1 piece fat free corn bread: 2
apple filling from 4 pt mini pie: 3
1 cup ice cream: 3
1 oz cheese: 1
Total for the Day: 40/44
Leftover: 4

Since I am going to bed I don't want to really push my points. Anyway, long day tomorrow leading into a long week! Back to the gym for me!

Thanks for all of the well wishes! It worked!


Rox Weight Loss! said...

Great job! i bet you reach that goal by the end of the year - no problem:)

Rettakat said...

You are doing so well, Ruby! Tomorrow is my weigh day...I hope I did as well as you!

G said...

Great job on the loss!

MissyM said...

Whoo hooo way to go!!

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Yay! Congrats on the loss :) Youre doing such an amazing job. Truly inspirational lady!!

Patsy said...

Hurrah for the loss! :o) Good luck with your new goal!

Patsy :o)

Katie J said...

Good job on the loss!

You are correct. We are in the
43rd week of this year with 9 more weeks to go.

I am shooting to lose 20lbs. by then but we shall see...