The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 35

So I can breathe today. I had a hard time dealing with yesterday. Its hard to look back and pick out your mistakes. Its hard to feel like you have done enough and then fall on your butt! Losing weight is hard. Yeesh.

I think so far I have done better. Sunday was excellent I think, and today has been great as well. I had a lunch date with a friend I haven't seen in a while, and we went to Chilis. I ordered the guiltless chicken platter. I ate all of the veggies, but I cut the chicken and the rice in half, and took the rest home and gave it to a room mate. I was so so proud of myself! I followed my rule too, I figured out the exact points before I went. I might be being reactionary, but I am charging myself for the whole meal points wise. The thing is, I don't know how the plate sizes vary there, so its only 5 extra points and I will have more peace of mind.

I made it to the gym today as well, I did my circuit, and I got my minutes up to 30/30. That's not me punishing myself, its me challenging myself. So 60 minutes at 2.5mph ended up being 2.46miles! I'm proud of that too.

Its another week down! I'm down 19lbs, and I'm down inches! I forgot to mention that yesterday. I'm down 6 inches on my thighs alone which is the biggest change, the rest were by an inch or two or less. The only measurements I have to compare to are from two months ago, but still. Inches lost!

I learned more about fortitude this week. I learned about going on even when you aren't getting to your destination as fast as you dreamed. I learned that I can be both humble about my journey and proud of it at the same time. I'm learning patience! I am also learning that this all comes with struggle. I struggle to make the right choices and to pass my favorite doritos in the grocery store. I struggle to stay in the lines here! I think its important to remember that every time we don't give in to the struggles from day to day that we win another inch back.

1 serving kashi sunshine: 1pts
1/2 cup skim milk: 1pts
1 banana: 2pts
1/2 guiltless chicken breast: 7pts(4 for half, which is all I ate)
1 serving steamed veggies (broc and carrots): 1pts (from Chili's website)
1/2 serving rice: 4pts (2 for half, which is all I ate)
1 cup chicken enchilada soup: 5pts
1 arnolds sandwich thin: 1pts
1 morning star veg burger (my first veg burger ever): 2pts
1 tbsp spag sauce: 0pts
1 serving spinach: 0pts
1/2 cup grilled bell peppers: 1pts
1 serving salad topper: 1pts
2 servings pickles: 1pts
19 natures promise BBQ soy crisps: 2pts
1 pear: 1pts
1 can veg soup: 5pts
1 serving stuffed shells (ww recipe): 5pts
1 serving steamed broccoli: 0pts
2 bites husbands leftovers from last night: 1pts
1 angel food cake sliced: 1pts
2 teaspoons nutella: 1pts
1 serving ice cream: 2pts
Total for the Day: 44/44 1/35
Leftover: 34/35

I think I am doing better. When my food list gets long I know I am usually making better food choices too. Plus my servings of veggies are up. Hoping for a great weigh in next Sunday!


Rettakat said...

Wow...I have a file where I save the "cream" from blogs I visit. I just put your list of the things you are learning in it! It is wonderful...especially about going on when you are not getting to your destination as fast as you had dreamed...and that you can be both humble and proud of your journey at the same time. Powerful stuff! Thank you for sharing,

Patsy said...

Well done on halving your chicken and rice portion and filling up on veggie! One thing I REALLY struggle to do is not eat absolutely everything that's put in front of me, especially at restaurants. I've happily eaten until I've been nearly ill before...

I've changed my diet recently and having things like wholemeal toast with low-fat peanut butter (one slice, mind!) for breakfast has really opened my eyes... Normally, bread and peanut butter would be 'off limits' on a diet for me, but that's normally because I tend to quickly stuff down 4 to 6 heavily-spread slices... This time I'm REALLY taking time to eat and appreciate what I'm having, and I'm finding it delicious AND satisfying! :o) I have some grapefruit before and I snack mid-morning on fruit and I'm genuinely not hungry again until lunch! I can't believe it!

And I'm SO jealous of your thigh inch loss! That's brilliant! Mine have gone down from 36"(! They're my real *problem* area) to 33" but my waist is only 37" so I'm desperately out of proportion!

Well done!

Patsy x

p.s. I commented on your comment(!) on today's blog post. :o)

G said...

You're doing awesome

Scarlet Simple said...

Retta - I am incredibly honored that you believe something I wrote was powerful. I think most everything you write is! I love hearing about your internal struggles because I feel like I am right there sharing them with you! Thanks for being here and believing in me.

Patsy - I feel really great about my halving the entree! I have never been able to muster that kind of self control before this, but I seem to be able to now. And don't feel bad, I've happily eaten until I've been nearly ill so many times. I can not on one hand count the number of times I've had to run for the gas x and the pepto to soothe stomach pain. I'm not proud of it or anything, but I will learn from it.

Don't be jealous! You are so getting there! My thigh was a 39 and now its a 33. My waist is currently 61 1/2, down from 65. I am jealous of your waist!!

Thanks for cheering me on G!