The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 10

I struggled some today. 

I went to lunch with some friends who are very anti eating well. We had Indian food. The place we went is actually one of my very favorite places to eat, but its a buffet for lunches. That's really hard for me, particularly so early in my renewed journey here. I got up once, filled my plate the way I wanted to and sat back down. Then I kept my tush glued to that seat while my friends went back up again and again. I thought it would be harder to do, but I guess I really feel committed. I wont use the words "this time" because I felt committed last time. Anyway, I still used a bunch of my points for the day on high point food, but I controlled myself and I felt good about it. 

Dinner was sushi, which was spread out through the night. It was game night. Game night is hard for me too because everyone is eating. I mean, we are playing games too but everyone around me is ordering food and making food runs and eating whatever and I'm just sitting there wondering if I have enough points left to have an ice cream when I go home. I did, by the way, I just needed to get home to figure it out. My phone has been acting up and my battery went dead so I couldn't track my sushi until I got home. 

I didn't eat as much variety today, and I didn't get enough veggies, but I stayed in my points goal. I am pretty sure on my single plate that I had a lot less Indian food than I am counting here, but better to be on the safe side and go big for the points.

1 cup basmati rice
1/4 cup vegetable korma
1/2 cup chana masala
1 cup chicken tika masala
3/4 cup chicken curry
1/4 whole naan
3 pieces gyoza
22 pieces sushi (mostly spicy tuna
1 serving mini rice cakes
1 cadbury dark chocolate ice cream bar

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