The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 4

Okay, another late but super busy day!

Chad and I had a lunch date today so I took him back to Pei Wei because I knew the food was good AND I found out they could do velveted stock. I was pretty impressed. Again, I split my entree into two meals, and ate the remainder much later in the day while at a friends house playing board games. After Pei Wei we got soft serve ice cream from a local place that just opened. Oh also, while we were waiting for it to be bedtime for my friends two year old three of us (girls, Nadine, Molly and myself) decided to go to the gym for a quickie before games actually got started (not a planned day for me, I planned for weekdays). It was a valiant effort, but we were too late. The gym actually closes at 7pm on the weekends! So we made plans to go tomorrow. Afterward we played board games (Agricola, Power Grid, Ticket to Ride etc) and had a pretty relaxed night. My friends are also currently trying to get healthier so it was nice.

Guys, I can not wait to get groceries. I am out of everything. That being said I have been staying on plan and keeping my points in check. I am very happy with the way everything is going so far. I've had some really hard moments, but I'm doing okay. I had one point left over today and I managed to stop eating by 2am.

1 pork egg roll
2 servings caramel chicken (stock velveted and each serving eaten at different times)
2 servings steamed brown rice
2 cups salad greens
1 medium soft serve ice cream in a cup
1 homemade cheese burger on a bun with yellow mustard
1 serving whole wheat tortilla chips
1/4 cup fat free salsa
1 serving rice crispy treat
1 bag 94% fat free pop corn

So yeah. Weekends are crazy for me right now. I cant wait for Wednesday. It will be the first real grocery shop since vacation.

See you guys tomorrow!

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