The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 15

I went to the grocery store today and re-upped our fruit and vegetable supply. I got a ton of fresh baby spinach, which I love and a few pounds of peppers, and some blue berries among the regulars. Grocery shopping pretty much envelops my Wednesday every week because using coupons can take so long. I'm on my feet the whole time and pretty beat when I get home. The down side of this is that I end up not eating enough.

I did okay today though I didn't get enough veggies in. I had a salad and a chicken sandwich for lunch but the salad was pretty bad and I'd gone too far to take it back so I bought a banana and ate my chicken sandwich. When I got home I had so many points left and I was ravenous so I ate a double serving of pasta and sauce. My sauce has a ton of veggies in it though so at least that is something.

Tomorrow I am taking a friend to have her tooth pooled and watching her toddler while she is in back.

Isn't she cute? She is two and already in a 4T! If we have time I'm going to take her up to where I went to high school which isn't far from the dentist. Out behind the building they have a pretty large man made lake with a walking deck built around it and most importantly: DUCKS!

After that I have a date with the gym.

Randomly before I list my food, I was thinking about Christmas. Yeah yeah I know, it is a long way off, but I was thinking about habits. I stuff the stockings in my house with a lot of candy. There are usually some other things too, but still. I was reading a bit about the tradition of stuffing stockings with satsumas, or mandarin oranges and I think that I might try that this year instead of all of the candy. I love mandarin oranges in particular and my family just loves citrus fruit. I wonder what else I might stuff them with?

1 chicken sandwich
1 serving ranch dressing
1 banana
1 16 oz iced coffee with skim milk and splenda
2 servings garden delight pasta
1 1/2 servings home made pasta sauce
2 servings american cheese
1/2 serving chocolate
2 1/2 servings mandarin oranges (canned in light syrup, drained and rinsed, but counted all of it.)
1 blue bunny mini ice cream cone

So I am exactly at my points today but I could have used more veggies. I'm okay with that. One day at a time.

See you tomorrow!

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