The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 3

Today was super busy and long and so I'm going to try not to write a book here. For those of you just tuning in Chad (my husband) and I keep pretty late hours because of the hours that he works. So this is just about my bedtime. Its why my kitchen closes (meaning I don't eat anymore) at 2am. So this is more than likely about the time I will update every day.

I got up this morning to take Chad to work so that I could keep the car to go to the gym. I was going with a friend of mine but I knew her schedule was so hectic that she might back out so I wanted my car there so that I could keep my promise to myself. I got a call from said friend saying that her and her significant other wanted to go to lunch and then get manicure/pedicures. I said I would wait to go to the gym until they were done, but that I had no money (its true, I am saving for a cruise!). My friends then basically told me to be quiet and get in the car. They took me to Pei Wei for lunch (which is in my WW app on my phone) and after I had my nails done. It was nice.

At lunch my food came out and there was so much there. I ate about half and then put the rest away to take home (I ended up eating the leftovers for dinner). This was great because when I came home and checked they definitely put two servings on the plate. It was perfect!

My friend did back out of the gym but I understood. She is a night nurse, and she had not been asleep yet and she has a wedding tomorrow. The only reason we were out as long as we were was because the person who was supposed to get her nails done with her was really late. I went to the gym anyway, and I did the Arc Trainer which kicked my butt. Only 15 minutes to start today but I went and I have plans to go again and again and again.

My food is going to look weird today. I counted every bite but I took bites of many things throughout the day. I wasn't home all day from about 1 pm until about an hour ago. I've also grouped things together because that is how they are in my online tracker. Instead of counting two separate servings of what I had for lunch and then for dinner for example I just doubled the lunch serving.

2 pork egg rolls
2 servings mandarin kung pao chicken
2 servings steamed brown rice
1 large chick fil a fruit cup
1 char-grilled chicken sandwich
1 packet honey mustard
2 pieces spicy tuna roll sushi
1/4 of a serving pasta with alfredo sauce
1/2 of a (6oz piece) of chicken parmesan
1/8 (one bite) lasagna
1 bread stick
1/2 cup mashed potatoes
3 oz white wine (moscato)

My food could be better, and will be better on most days but for today this is actually okay. I controlled myself. I went two over into my weekly points, but that is what they are for. I will not kick my own ass for working to stay on plan on day 3. I counted every morsel. :)

See you tomorrow!

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