The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 19

I have internet!

You'd think my service was bad because I've lost internet twice in the last month but honestly they were not related and really not the norm. So I'm sorry about the unusual postings and the late posting of food!

This whole weekend was hard. I stayed mostly with in my points but I went into my weeklies twice. That always makes me nervous because I didn't use my weeklies much if at all last time and I'm wondering how its going to change things. I do not feel like I'm cheating when I use my weeklies because that is what they are there for but I still worry. I have 28 out of 49 of my weeklies left for the week.

My food today wasn't as varied as I would like but I still managed to get in a decent amount of veggies: 8 servings (servings according to Weight Watchers, and I'm supposed to have 9).

I did pretty well at the kids birthday party I went to earlier. The only food available was pizza, and cake. I had one slice of pizza and one slice of cake and 2 bottles of water. I was pretty good.

The party was a little emotional for me though. I seriously miss these people but my own self image and my own hang ups are keeping me from my friends. I was so uncomfortable today it was ridiculous. And it was all me.

After that I came home and I did indulge in dinner but it wasn't so bad. I ordered out to Pei Wei and my lovely husband picked it all up for me. I ate it all, but I counted it all too. Not the best choice the day before weigh in because of all of the sodium but I didn't think about that until after. I'm awesome!

Gym and then weigh in tomorrow!

1 slice birthday sheet cake
1 slice pepperoni pizza
1 serving broccoli and cheese soup (home made)
1 can soup
2 servings orange peel chicken (stock velveted!)
2 servings brown rice
1 extra serving of the steamed veggies that came with the chicken (making 3 servings of veggies total for the entree)
2 pork egg rolls
1 serving chocolate
1 banana

I think I'm getting the hang of this again. I know my food left a lot to be desired today but the point is not to be perfect, it's to be better and to think before I put food in my mouth. I need to ask myself..."Is it worth it?"

Thanks guys, good night.

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