The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 11

This is my foot inside what I think is perhaps the ugliest shoe I have ever seen.

I didn't buy it, but if it had been comfortable I might have though. I seriously need a new pair of kicks for working out/walking etc. My budget is $100 or less, less being better. I have worn my old Asics thin and it has been way too long since I replaced them. On Friday at the gym though I started really feeling their age, so Chad and I talked and I'm going to buy a pair...but what do I buy?

Shoes have always been hard for me because much like everything else my shoe size isn't average. I wear an 11W. MY old Asics were a 10.5W, but I think they were just a smidgen too tight.

Not only that but I don't know if I should buy cross training shoes, walking shoes or running shoes or if it even makes a difference. I use the Arc Trainer and I strength train. As soon as the days stop topping at at 90F I will probably add in some walking at the local track too occasionally.

So what do I buy? New Balance isn't good for me. They are too wide in the heels and they fall off of the backs of my feet making me feel uncomfortable in them. I have never tried on a comfortable pair of Nikes, I haven't worn Reebok in years. I loved, loved, loved my Asics though. I'm open minded if anyone has any suggestions though. I think I am looking for training shoes but I'm just not sure. I'm heavy so I want light shoes, with comfortable support that breathe.

How did buying shoes become so complicated!?

2 pork egg rolls
2 servings steamed brown rice
2 servings stock velveted mandarin kung pao chicken
1/2 of one crab wonton
1 serving mustard sauce
1 can chunky beef vegetable soup
1 cup mashed potatoes
1 cup green beans
1 pretzel roll
1 cadbury ice cream bar

I know it all looks like so much for a sitting but all of the Pei Wei food actually got split into two meals. :) I Still have 6 points left for the day so I'm probably going to have some popcorn. Good night guys!

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